Welcome to romp, where play gets loose and inspired... and so do the parents.

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Full-time (anytime access + classes) - $98/mo

Part-time (afternoons & weekends + limited classes) - $50/mo

Pre-Crawler (any time access) - $25/mo

(3 month minimum, $50 registration fee)

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Classes & Enrichment

romp classes always included with membership, and many more open to non-members as well.  Small class sizes allow us to individualize the experience for all.  

We've taken inspiration from Reggio, Montessori, Waldorf, but our classes and activities are main inquiry based/ constructivist in execution.  

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Drop In Play

Family passes are good all day - with in/out privileges

$20 per family pass


(includes:  up to 2 adults &  up to 4 children/siblings)

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the Laboratory

...for makers & tinkerers, the Laboratory is a space that supports the process of exploration, experimentation, and critical thinking.  



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Parties & Private Events

Private Rental / 90 minutes   $400

 Private Rental / 2 hours   $475  

Shared Space Rental (Petite Party) / 2 hours   $250

(Members enjoy a wonderful discount on all rentals.)


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Community & Parent Education

romp is an ideal setting for like-minded folks to connect and chat.  Parents just like you who value balance, yearn for something different than what's out there - and who realize we're all in this parenting thing together.

When we know better, we do better.  

(Members enjoy a great discount on parent education.)

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Upcoming (Special) Events Open to All

11/13/15  7pm - Holiday Cookies Workshop with Jenny Keller

11/14/15  9:45am & 10:45am - Bippity Bricks LEGO Workshop with Alice Finch 

11/17/15  7pm - Parent Ed:  Raising Kids with Empathy with Myla Rugge

11/21/15  9:45am & 10:45am - Bippity Bricks LEGO Workshop with Alice Finch



romp is an indoor playspace and enrichment center deeply rooted in early childhood development.  Our mission is to challenge our children cognitively, socially, and emotionally through play.  

Play is serious business.  It's the work of childhood and the key to the youthful glow of playful parents.  (Because play is important for us, too!)

At romp, we like to consider ourselves play ambassadors.  Not only do we guide our kids in different types of activities, but more importantly, we've set up an environment where they get their creative juices flowing.  That is when their imagination develops.  This is when the magic happens.

Child-led unstructured play improves dexterity, in addition to physical, cognitive, and emotional strength.  If children are allowed to play in an unstructured environment, they are able to learn to collaborate, share, negotiate, and resolve conflicts.  Life skills.  

We crave balance, and while the heart of our space is the expansive free play area - we also offer structure by way of classes, workshops and mini-camps (all with the romp touch) to work that left brain as well.

We've thoughtfully outfitted the space with toys and equipment that will challenge and support children as they transition between each developmental stage.  Our space addresses all types of learners and all aspects of free play.  And we provide parent support and education so your children can get the maximum benefit from their time in the space.