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13500 bel-red road, suite 7a
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the WONDER project

the WONDER project

Welcome to the WONDER project, where folks of all ages, shapes, and sizes wonder.  We wonder out loud (and in quiet, too).  We wonder while galloping and we wonder when we're frozen stiff as a board.

We wonder about all sorts of things.  And we try to suss it all out.  You might call us Agents of Wonder.

Join us each quarter, as we wonder and suss it out together.  


the WONDER project is an inquiry-based, enrichment program for students entering Pre-K and Kindergarten thru 4th grade.  (More grades coming soon!)

Our entry point into the world of wondering is student driven interest & passion, coupled with a project-based curriculum.  (Not to mention skillful teachers - aka Agents of Wonder.)  As in, super, mad, crazy, ninja-like teacher skills.  

We'll tinker.  We'll make.  We'll create.  We'll connect with the real-world.  And we'll end each trimester with a bang!  An open Exhibition for all to see and share the fruits of our wonder.


We offer the WONDER project in two flavors - a known theme and a Wild Card theme.  Each session starts out with a wondering session, where we'll get those wonder-juices flowing to generate a project and theme (Wild Card).  Our wonderers will go from generating theme ideas to creating a collection of artifacts (song, dance, models, stories, what have you) as evidence of their wondering.  All leading up to... Yup.  Exhibition Day!

You see, our (not so secret) goal is to make their learning relevant, purposeful...and "sticky".  We're using their interests & passions to drive their curiosity and exploration.  And we're magically connecting all of that school content to something that means a whole heck of a lot to them.  

Let's wonder together!

Scholarships available.  Click HERE for more info.  

Pre-K + Kindergarten

Sep 26 - Dec 5 (No class Nov 21)  //  10 weeks

Exhibition Day:  Saturday, December 9

3:30-4:45//  75 minutes 

Grades 1 thru 4

Oct 5 - Dec 7 (No class Nov 23)  //  9 weeks

Exhibition Day:  Saturday, December 9

4:30-6:00 // 90 minutes

the WONDER project Checkpoints

Each theme cycle will include...








Design/Engineering Process

Real World Connection