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13500 bel-red road, suite 7a
bellevue, wa 98005


Drama & Musical Theatre

Kip Beelman Photography

Kip Beelman Photography

Drama + Musical Theatre

with Youth Theatre Northwest  

Creative drama inspires confidence, develops the imagination, builds independence and critical thinking.  It nurtures social growth & the ability to work with others.  Improves communication & public speaking skills, increases knowledge of self, and provides a healthy release of emotions.  Drama challenges students' perceptions about their world and about themselves.  

And at the center of it all, drama is communication.  Like all the arts, drama allows students to communicate with and understand others in brand new ways.  

Drama Explorers to the Future!  //  3-4 YO

Calling all Drama explorers!  What will we find when we turn the clock forward and enter the world of the future?  Students will learn about theatre and storytelling using their bodies, voices, and imaginations to create a world only they could dream up.

Instructor:  Kaysy Ostrom

Fridays / May 5 to June 9 / 3-4 YO / 1:30-2:30

$110 / 6 sessions / romp Members enjoy 10% discount

Maximum # of students:  8

Finding the Future!  //  5-7 YO

Finding the Future requires bravery, creative thinking, teamwork, and fun!  We will create a futuristic adventure using storytelling, music, and theatre techniques creating characters and soling problems that just might save the world!

Instructor:  Zoe Wilson

Fridays / May 5 to June 9 / 5-7 YO / 3:45-4:45

$110 / 6 sessions / romp Members enjoy a 10% discount

Location:  romp Bellevue 

13500 Bel-Red Road, Suite 7a / Bellevue, WA 98005

Kip Beelman Photography

Kip Beelman Photography