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13500 bel-red road, suite 7a
bellevue, wa 98005



Stonehenge: Reverse-Engineering a World Wonder (9-13 YO)


How did they do it?  We'll dive into England's mysterious history of Stonehenge, and try to reverse-engineer different theories on HOW this world wonder came to be.  We'll build and tinker, use real tools, and solve problems on the fly.  And possibly solve this great mystery!

Instructor:  romp , Design & Tech Specialists

Recommended Ages:  9-13 YO

Enroll by 3/31:  $85 + $25 materials fee

Enroll by 3/31 Sibling Seat:  $75 + $25 materials fee

Camp Minimum 6 / Maximum 12, $50 romp camp registration fee

Email to secure a seat.