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Tinkering:  Young Inventors Series

Tinkering is a hands-on approach to learning (and experiencing) how things work.  It's about playing around with materials to explore and invent,  Tinkering is critical to developing fine motor & problem solving skills, building peer relationships, and supporting teamwork & collaboration.  It promotes the language of skills and higher order thinking.  

In many ways, it is an extension of project-based learning, cooperative learning, and inquiry-based learning.  Tinkering provides opportunities to investigate, to pull apart, to plan, to rebuild, redesign and construct.   

Our Young Inventors Series will also extend to challenge workshops using the innovative Rigamajig building kit.  Through this extension, students will think three dimensionally, create physically, and work collaboratively.  

Building with the Rigamajig helps students combine imagination with cognitive thinking & invention, embrace process over outcome, and empowers them to be makers of their own world.During each workshop, students will learn the basics of building with the Rigamajig and participate in building challenges week to week.  

Fueling natural curiosity with a hands-on approach to learning, while providing an opportunity to build confidence, focus, independence, and tenacity. 

Tinkering:  Young Inventor's Series 

Age:  4.5-6 years old

Sep 29 - Dec 6 (No class Nov 24)  //  10 weeks

3:30-4:30//  55 minutes

Tinkering:  Young Inventor's Series 

Age:  7-12 years old

Sep 29 - Dec 6 (No class Nov 24)  //  10 weeks

4:45-6:00//  75 minutes

Location:  romp Bellevue

Kip Beelman Photography

Kip Beelman Photography