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AUGUST // Summer Camp Lineup

AUGUST /// Summer Camp Lineup

Small camp sizes.  Experienced instructors.  Amazing programming.

Full Day Options.  Before, In-Between, and After Camp Child Care Available!

Week of August 7-11

Mashup Camp:  Iggy Peck, Ada Twist, and Rosie Revere!  // 4-7 YO // 9:00-12:00

Iggy Peck the Architect, Ada Twist the Scientist, and Rosie Revere the Engineer are so much more than the sum of their parts!  romp's Mashup Camp brings these beloved books and characters to life, mashing up their careers and discovering their inner Mathematician.  We'll tinker, we'll make, we'll create.  We'll explore new ideas, use awesome tools, and solve problems at a fast clip.  

Instructor:  romp WONDER Team

Enroll by 3/31:  $325 + $50 materials fee 

Enroll by 4/1 and later:  $350 + $50 materials fee

Enroll by 3/31 Sibling Seat:  $300 + $50 materials fee

Enroll by 4/1 and later (Sibling Seat):  $325 + $50 materials fee

Camp Minimum 6 / Maximum 12, $50 romp camp registration fee

Register HERE  // ROMP MEMBERS SAVE $10!

Week of August 7-11

Coding Camp Jr:  Animations + Robots // 5-7 YO // 1:00-4:00

Is your child curious about robots? Loves animation?  TechVenture’s Code Camp Jr. provides young children with a fun introduction to technology. Using Scratch Jr, children learn to program their own interactive stories on a tablet computer. Taking it a step further, children partner together to work with Wonder’s Robots, programming their bots to put on a dance party, navigate paths and more. In the process, they learn to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively. Girls and boys love the thrill of coding and controlling their environment. Don’t worry, kids don’t spend the whole time plugged in. Engaging unplugged activities get kid’s bodies moving too.

Instructor:  TechVenture Kids

Click HERE for pricing, more info, and to register.  //  ROMP MEMBERS SAVE $10!

Week of August 14-18

Preschooler Cooking Camp // 3-4 YO // 9:30-11:00

We invite your 3- to 4-year-old to join us in the gorgeous ROMP playspace kitchen for a week of food and flavor exploration!

Each day we'll celebrate with a different theme:

Monday: All about baking!  Your little one will try their hand at making their own seasonal pies, then we'll go savory with making our own crackers!

Tuesday: We're going to have a Tea Party! We'll put together our own tea bags using child-friendly herbs, then create tea sandwiches cut into fun shapes.  We'll set a fancy table and enjoy our tea and sandwiches together.

Wednesday: We'll eat the rainbow! We'll learn why eating a variety of colors is good for our bodies and then we'll create a rainbow taco salad and fruit salad.

Thursday: We're going to work on our pouring and mixing skills while making some tasty, low-sugar summer drinks and smoothies.

Friday: We're going to make gifts from the kitchen for our loved ones including seasoned salt and sugar hand scrubs.

Parents are invited to stay! If your little one is not yet potty trained we ask that you do stay with your child. 

Instructor:  Erika Speirs, NourishME

Click HERE for pricing, more info, and to register.  //  ROMP MEMBERS SAVE $10!

Week of August 28-31 (4 day camp)

Little Wonderers:  Our Wonderful World// 2-4 YO // 9:45-11:45

Let's discover the beauty and magic in our wondrous world.  

Notes:  Campers do not need to be potty trained, but we ask a parent / caregiver to remain on site if assistance is needed to use the restroom or to change a diaper.  Parent / Caregiver is warmly welcomed into the classroom if camper is not ready to be on his / her own.  Camp does not meet Friday, September 1 (Labor Day Weekend). 

Instructor:  Tracy Kelly + Assistant Teacher

Enroll by 7/21:  $235 + $25 materials fee

Enroll by 7/21 Sibling Seat:  $225 + $25 materials fee

Enroll after 7/21:  $245 + $25 materials fee

Enroll after 7/21 Sibling Seat:  $235 + $25 materials fee

Camp Minimum 10 / Maximum 10 // 1:5 ratio

Register HERE  // ROMP MEMBERS SAVE $10!