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Why romp?

Anne Dienzo

Play looks very different than it used to.  Childhood, too.   

We now find ourselves signing our kids up for class after class.  Activity after activity.  Scheduling ourselves (and them) silly and shuttling all over town.  We manage their skirmishes.  We even manage their social calendars.  (Hello play dates!)        

But maybe we've over corrected and over compensated.  Maybe our good intentions have swung the pendulum too far, and it's now time for balance.  Just maybe.

While these classes are a wonderful way to expose our little ones to something new and to other people (big & small), they are adult-led and structured.  romp was developed to complement structure (think classes, school & daycare) and bring a focus back to whole mind & body development.  

Unstructured, child-led play is a critical component of healthy social, emotional and intellectual development.