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romp Roundup - Our Favorite Things 2015

Anne Dienzo

Hello folks!  How is it that we are already on the other side of Thanksgiving?! 

I've put together another fun list of some of my favorite things for 2015.  Sure, it's sorta carb focused...but who isn't this time of year?  But I digress.  Many of them - small businesses as well - owned and run locally by fantastic people.  Thank you for supporting small businesses, both brick & mortar and around the world wide web.     

Have a fantastic holiday season!



PS  This is not a sponsored post.


Man, it's cold outside.  Love this lip balm.  Organic, cruelty-free, and made in Portland, OR.  No more chapped lips.

Believe it or not, this drugstore find is saving my skin this season.  (Thank you to my dermatologist!)

Perfect for the littles in your life.   

Enjoy beer?  This looks awesome.  Locally owned and shipped from Seattle.  Perfect gift. 

HUGE slice of chocolate cake w/ salted caramel icing.  Focaccia rounds.  Those jam dots. BRUNCH.  Hunk of an apple loaf.  Fig + Pistachio Meatloaf slab with a fig balsamic drizzle. Mmm.  And my favorite Salted Caramel Latte, extra sweet.  DERU Market  Locally owned and operated by Chefs Jamie Casady + Jordan Cooper...and did you hear?  They're opening a new restaurant next year - Little Brother.  

Fun party and baking supplies.  And this shop, too.

Run.  Run.  Run.  Donuts!!!

More than pleasantly surprised by a recent visit to this restaurant.  Vegetable Tempura. Charcuterie plate.  Pork belly tacos.  Fried rice, and yup, we added the Dungeness crab.  Two orders of the charred brussels sprouts.  And two orders of the Belgian frites.  Yum.  So happy to order a meal with these ladies.     


I could get on board with this.

Grandparents rejoice.  

Photo Cred:  romp Community  [Storyville Queen Anne]

Photo Cred:  romp Community  [Storyville Queen Anne]

Coffee - Seattle... Storyville Coffee.  Probably not what comes to mind when you think of coffee and our fair city.  Currently crushing on their mocha and pastries.  Privately owned, Seattle-based, and roasted on Bainbridge Island.  It's g-o-o-d.    

Coffee - Eastside... Cafe Cesura.  Still.  Their iced maple syrup latte got me through that crazy, long, HOT summer.  Locally owned and operated.  Keep going.

Looking for something stronger?  Proper & Ernest in Woodinville.  Carefully curated selection of unique wines, craft beers, and fine spirits.  (Growlers on tap!)  Also, a great spot to pick up a great hostess gift this holiday season.  Locally owned and operated.  Go.  

Just an easy place to eat with the kiddos.  A little park nearby if there's a wait.  And walking distance to the (year-round) Ballard Farmers Market.    

Toys & Gear for the birth to FIVE-ish set.  Wee Tots.  Always.  Not to mention, locally owned and operated.  In Seattle?  Try this place.  But drive a little further to this place, an awesome find. 

Guilty pleasure.  Season 1.  And while I'm at it...this, too. 

Still our favorite lunchbox.   And they have these!  Perfect for the little photographer in the family or just a sweet reminder during lunch at school/daycare.  

Did you know they have a little beach?

Holiday day trip.  And then eating here.  Because she says so.  

If you're fluffing up the guest bathroom this holiday season, don't forget this and (cheekily) this.  

Cooking classes!  ...and they expanded.  Locally owned & operated.  Hopefully classes will take a little longer than an afternoon to sell out.  These are awesome too.  

Hand crafted gelato.  Yes, even in rainy cold weather.  

Independent book this one...and even more so because of this.  This one is great, too.  Make an afternoon of it and head to Green Lake, and maybe stop here for a meal.  But since you're already in Seattle, head to Delancey instead.

Tacoma - such a (surprisingly) lovely city.  Always a privilege to tinker in their space.  But never without a coffee in hand from this place.  One of my little one's favorite day trips.  

Biscuits.  Butter.  Jam.  

Photo Cred:  romp Community  [view of Seattle from Seattle-Bainbridge ferry]

Photo Cred:  romp Community  [view of Seattle from Seattle-Bainbridge ferry]

Planning a visit here on our next Bainbridge Island excursion.  Maybe after a tour of this roasting studio.  Next romp community field trip?

Anything from The London Plane.  I'd order one of each thing in the toast & bread section alone.  Of course to share.  

Really don't want to watch a movie anywhere else but here.  Premium-plus.  Totally worth it. Truffle fries.  Enough said.    

Perfect gift.     

We get some of these every year.  Thinking about these for gifts this holiday season.  And we did some of these to send out instead of cards last year.  We shared our little one's favorite crepe recipe and it was a hit.  Leaning towards doing these again this year.  Just need a recipe.  Maybe this will do.  

Amazing stuff.  Perfect for every day.  But this and this work too.   

Taco Tiki Tuesday.  What?!

Sort of naughty, but hilarious.  Amy Schumer.  Alec Baldwin.