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Kip Beelman Photography

Classes, Workshops & Events

Members always enjoy a discount, and non-members warmly welcomed.  

All pricing listed is non-member pricing.  Unless noted otherwise, all classes are a 4-week series (track).   

Check out our TEAM.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a member to take classes at romp?

No, but it sure does make sense.  Yellow and Blue membership levels include one TRACK (or 4-week series) each month at no extra charge.  Depending on which class you choose, the value is $40-88 each month in classes.  And then access to the playspace, member discounts, etc are just a bonus.  

What is a TRACK?

The term TRACK is just another way of saying a 4-week class.  A 4-week series.  A 4-week block.  I think you get the picture.  Basically, we're including a weekly vendor / specialist class each month.  We just ask that you stick with that vendor / specialist for the month so your child's experience and skill progresses week by week, and there is continuity for the instructor to be able to individualize and customize an experience as much as possible.  

Yellow and Blue membership levels include one TRACK (4-week class) with membership.  

Don't forget, these vendors and specialists are some of the best around.  They teach at various area schools, dance centers, theater groups, etc.  And they are fantastic!

Am I limited to just one TRACK per month?

No!  Enroll in as many TRACKS as you like.  If you've got a Yellow or Blue membership, the first one is included.  You would then apply your Yellow or Blue discount to any additional TRACKS.  Again, Yellow and Blue memberships include your FIRST TRACK (4-week class) ... no extra cost.  

I have a RED membership level.  Can I still enroll in a TRACK?

Yes, absolutely!  You just don't have the first TRACK included with your membership level, and you do not enjoy any member discount.  There is no limit to the number of TRACKS your child(ren) may take.    

May I switch between TRACKS?

Yes!  We encourage you to try different TRACKS.  Just keep in mind that TRACKS are booked a month at a time.  Like memberships, we ask for (15) days notice prior to the next billing day to change a TRACK.

For example, you can choose Mandarin as your TRACK one month, and then choose Creative Writing Fusion as your TRACK the next month. And then something else the next month, and so on.

You could even look at sticking with something for a quarter ... so you could do a TRACK for 3 months (ie Mandarin), and then Creative Writing Fusion for another 3 months, etc.