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13500 bel-red road, suite 7a
bellevue, wa 98005




FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is included with membership?

Inclusions vary by membership level, but always include...

  • limited/unlimited access to the 4,200 sf facility (depends on membership level)
  • use of community kitchen/dining area
  • member discounts on vendor classes, events, and activities (10-25% off vendors such as Engineering for Kids, Cooking with Rachael, LEGO Bippity Bricks Workshop, etc)
  • priority registration/enrollment for all vendor classes, events, and activities
  • UNLIMITED first time guest passes
  • member pricing on private event rentals (Huge savings!)
  • complimentary Wi-Fi
  • monthly online billing

Who is included with membership? 

Membership at romp is a family membership, which includes:  parents, grandparents, child(ren), and nanny/babysitter.

Do you have a minimum commitment?

Yes, we require a 3 month minimum commitment. 

What is your sick child policy?

We follow the school district's sick child policy, and ask that you keep sick children at home to recover.  If you have purchased a drop in pass in advance, we can easily reschedule once everyone is feeling better.  

What do you do to keep the space clean?

As a community, we work together to keep our space as healthy & safe as possible.  As a facility, we are dedicated to doing our part to keep the facility as clean and orderly for our families. 

We employ playspace attendants who keep our space in tip top shape.  They are constantly zooming around the space, keeping all of the toys and equipment in order, wiping down tables and sweeping the floors, tidying up the kitchen and even putting dishes into the dishwasher.  (They even disinfect and get through the toys at least once per day!) 

Beyond that, romp is a shoe-free facility.  And we ask everyone to wipe, spray, or wash their hands at one of the sinks upon arrival.  Food & beverages are kept off the carpet.  We request all mouthed toys be placed in the mouthed bin, and not left for another child to mouth.  And as a community, we agree to follow the aforementioned points and keep our sick children at home to have the space and time to recover.  Because after all, we are in this together.

What are your rules?

1.)  Be safe.  2.)  Be kind. 

We do not allow toys to be thrown or dropped from higher spaces within the playspace.  And we ask that the kiddos refrain from riding down the slide on any of the toys, or send any toys down the slide. 

Are you on social media?

Yes!  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


Which classes are included (with the appropriate membership level)?

You can check out our calendar here.  If you have a membership level that includes romp classes, then any class designated as (Members) in the description (in the calendar) is included with your membership.  If you do not see (Members) in the description, then those classes are not included with membership and are open to non-members.  (Members enjoy a nice discount on most classes not included with membership.)   

What type of learning environment do you provide?

"Environment as the third teacher."  It's what romp is.  We have taken particular care and attention to the setting in which our kiddos spend their time & learn.  The idea of the environment as a participant in the educational experience opens up the possibility for our kiddos to engage with other kiddos and respond to thoughtful choices we've made, in an effort to support these kiddos' engagement.  Our setting calls on the caregiver to make our environment an active participant in the educative process. 

Beyond our thoughtfully designed environment, we strive to create a rich and engaging inquiry based experience that fosters a genuine love for investigation, for asking questions, for curiosity and engagement about the world we live in.

Do you offer parent education?

romp is an ideal setting for like-minded folks to connect and chat.  Parents just like you who value balance, yearn for something different than what's out there - and who realize we're all in this parenting thing together.  And at romp, we truly believe when we know better, we do better.  So we scour the area for the most informative and engaging speakers and instructors around.  We have local educators such as Anoo Padte / Art of Education and Myla Rugge / Conversations About Motherhood come into the space on a regular basis, but we've also brought in internationally recognized speakers such as Susan Stiffelman / Parenting Without Power Struggles to spend time with us.   

Want to check us out before committing?

Schedule a tour.  Contact us at to schedule a tour.  We can't wait to show you around!

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Kip Beelman Photography