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MLTS Panelists


Screening & Panel Discussion

Monday, Sep 25 // 7:00-9:15


Jeff Petty, Regional Director // Big Picture Schools

Jeff Petty has worked for the last 20 years in various capacities to understand and improve the experience of urban secondary students. He has worked as a public high school teacher and administrator and as a consultant to schools and school districts on how to reorient schools in order to know students better and make their learning more engaging. He has also worked in charter and non-charter contexts on structuring autonomy and accountability relationships between districts and schools.

In 2005 he founded Highline Big Picture High School, now a 7-12, and served as its principal and co-principal for eight years. His current work involves working with various local and national partners, including Big Picture Learning, to scale engagement-driven secondary schools and improve the regional climate for public school innovation. He is particularly interested lately in how schools develop in students the metacognitive attributes associated with lifelong learning, post-secondary success (college and career), and general well-being.

Jeff holds a BA in Biology from Princeton University, an MEd from the Harvard Graduation School of Education, and a principal credential from the University of Washington. His work with schools is informed by the reflection that, for the most part, his most powerful learning experiences occurred outside the classrooms of those institutions.

Charity Allen, President // PBL Consulting

Creative Leader in Education. Author. Professional Learning Designer & Facilitator. Speaker. Keynote. Deeper Learning Enthusiast. Thought Leader. Learner. 

Charity Allen is a creative leader focused on innovation in learning. As an expert in designing and supporting high quality teaching and learning environments in schools and in industry, Charity has taken on many roles - consultant, senior consultant, public speaker, presenter, Senior National Faculty member, president, program developer, program manager, teacher and instructional systems designer. Her repertoire of experience working with dozens of states, hundreds of schools, multiple provinces in Canada, regions, international organizations, consortiums, service centers, and charter management organizations has equipped her with knowledge about the best ways to promote and scale innovative classroom practice.

Currently as an independent consultant and formally, as a Senior National Faculty member for the Buck Institute for Education from 2009-2013, Charity designed, developed and delivered professional development workshops, sustained support sessions and leadership coaching to dozens of clients throughout the nation and world. She has also played key roles in capacity building program development, faculty mentorship and systems implementation. For Boeing, she has worked on training products as an Instructional Systems Designer. She taught French language to students in grades 6-12 as well as to college students and adults.

Prior to beginning her career in education, Charity served honorably in the United States Army as an Arabic linguist.

Jen Wickens, Co-Founder & CEO // IMPACT Public Schools

Expert in innovative school design and leadership in the ed reform sector. Co-founded the Washington State Charter Schools Association (WA Charters) to launch the public charter school sector in Washington state. Led the opening of first charter high schools in Washington with Summit Sierra in Seattle named one of the most innovative schools in the world. Founding Principal of one of the highest performing high schools in the Bay Area for low-income students of color - Impact Academy.

Joe Bailey, K-8 Teacher // Seattle Public Schools

I grew up listening to the sound of my mother teaching piano in my living room. Every day after school, I knew I had to come in the back door quietly, sneak around the corner, and dash up the stairs to my room. I heard her patience and her persistence. I heard her firmly correct and redirect. Most importantly, I heard the joy she had at every little success.  Ultimately, I think that joy is why I became a teacher.

My home was in Omaha, NE. In terms of school I learned math from nuns, how to question from Jesuits, and everything else from the giant public school downtown. I went on to study Television Engineering at the University of Nebraska at Omaha for a few semesters. Leaving that behind, I played music and travelled until school felt right. In 1992, I landed at the University of Southern California. I graduated with a major in Comparative Literature and Art History.  

After working in theatre (sound design, acting, and administration) and photography, I met my wife in a book club here in Seattle. Kristin was (and is) a teacher.  The stories she brought home were far more interesting than my work stories. Her joy reminded me of my mother’s, and it brought me full circle into teaching. I got my Masters degree from the University of Washington in 2006 and started teaching 4th and 5th grade at Coe Elementary. During all this, my family has grown to include two phenomenal daughters, Ruth and Iris.

Georgina Bullock, Grade 1 Teacher // Seattle Private School (Former High Tech High Teacher)

Born in London, her family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area when she was in third grade, but she will always carry a love for England.  She graduated from the University of San Diego with her Special Education credential and taught for two years at High Tech Elementary in Chula Vista, CA.  Georgie completed her Masters in special education at the University of Washington this past June, and currently teaches first grade in Seattle.

Molly Meck, K-5 Teacher // Seattle Public Schools

I came to teaching a little late in life. My first career was in television news and after graduating from Washington State University, (GO COUGS!) I worked as a reporter at stations in the Tri-Cities, Eugene, Portland and Seattle before retiring when my kids were born. It was because of them that I got involved in education. I started volunteering in their classrooms and I realized quickly that I would love to be a teacher. As a first grade teacher, I am passionate about teaching kids to be creative, compassionate, critical thinkers. And technology has become such an important part of my classroom. We live in a digital world and we must teach our kids how to navigate that world early. All of our first graders now have access to iPads and are using them to blog and share their learning with an audience. We are connecting with classrooms around the world and we are finding new ways to express our thinking. Its exciting work and empowering for each and every child. 


David Elliott, Founding Head of School // H3 School