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Special Events + Workshops

 Special Events + Workshops

Members always enjoy a discount.  Non-Members warmly welcomed.

Friday / May 19 / 3:00-6:00 / Free

SPECIAL EVENT / a mini camp fair
Summer Camp Sampler

...get a taste of the spectacular summer camp programming happening in and around romp this summer!

Join us for an afternoon of fun, exploration, discovery, excitement (and snacks) we gather a specially curated group of providers for a mini summer camp fair.  

Come play in the playspace.  Enjoy some snacks.  Meet the teachers.  Sample the programming.  And round out your summer plans.  

Check out the list of providers represented at the Summer Camp Sampler, along with the agenda for the afternoon below.  


We can't wait to meet you!

Engineering for Kids / Hammer & Nails School of Woodworking / NourishME / romp / Steve + Kate's Camp / TechVenture Kids / Wondersitter / Yoga4Kids / Youth Theatre Northwest


3:00-6:00 / romp, TechVenture Kids and Steve + Kate's Camp DEMOS

5:00-6:00 / NourishME Cooking DEMO

5:00-6:00 / Hammer & Nails School of Woodworking EXPLORATION

5:30-6:00 / Engineering for Kids DEMO

Check out details below.

Check out what we'll each be doing!

romp / Tinkering & Engineering Camps / DEMO 3:00-6:00
Calling all inventors, creators, makers, and TINKERERS!  Create.  Make.  Design.  We'll have our challenge stations set out, but the details are top secret.  For our Tinkerers' eyes and ears only.  DO YOU HAVE A TINKERER UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?

Steve + Kate's Camp / Flexible Day Pass Summer Camp / DEMO 3:00-6:00
Animation allows kids to translate their wildest visions onto the big screen. Come join Laurel from Steve & Kate's Camp to play around with their stop motion animation stations and make your own movies! Fill custom-built animation stages with sets, props and characters to direct and produce stop-motion films. Embellish HD shorts with soundtracks, voiceovers and other post-production elements. 

TechVenture Kids / STEM Camps / DEMO 3:00-6:00
Join TechVenture Kids to meet some of TVK's teachers and get a sneak peak at the technology we'll be using at our camps this summer! 
+ Practice coding a set of instructions to animate Wonder's Dash Robot
+ Tinker with Piper Computer Kits to navigate your way through a Minecraft Story Map
+ See how Learn to Mod's platform enables you to code your own Lucky Block

NourishME / Cooking Camps / DEMO 5:00-6:00
Meet Chef Erika Speirs and get in the kitchen to play around with the 'make your own trail mix bar' &/or 'homemade fruit soda stand'...or try your hand at guessing names of the unusual produce in the 'produce petting zoo'.  Fun (and tasty) adventures are sure to ensue!

Hammer & Nails / Woodworking Camp / EXPLORATION 5:00-6:00
Get a closer look at the various projects students will work on during an immersive, hands-on woodworking camp.  Meet Brad Meyer and get a feel for using real tools & making big things!

Engineering for Kids / Engineering Camps / DEMO 5:30-6:00
Test your knowledge of civil engineering in our Paper Tower Challenge. Critical thinking skills will be key as you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of materials and utilize them efficiently to build the tallest paper tower ever! We will then test the tower designs for balance and strength. Get ready to design and build as you create a skyscraper that reaches for the sky!