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Specialist Teaching Team

Specialist Teaching Team

Rachael Rydbeck, Culinary Arts

Rachael Rydbeck is a Le Cordon Bleu trained culinary instructor with 9+ years teaching classes to novices and experts both young and old.

In our busy lives it can be difficult finding time to learn how to cook healthful meals. Her passion is demystifying cooking so that anyone can whip up a simple and satisfying meal.

Over the last few years she has accumulated a repertoire of recipes and techniques. Should you be just starting out on your cooking journey, looking to make healthier meals or just want to have fun in the kitchen, we would love to work with you.

Rachael has worked as a cook in the midwest (Cafe Levain and Turtle Bread Company), an intern at America's Test Kitchen, Cooking School Director at Cook's of Crocus Hill, business consultant for General Mills and most recently private cooking instructor for 9 years with Cooking with Rachael.

Katy Webber, Music Specialist (ASL, American Sign Language)

Katy Webber grew up in Everett, WA entertaining everyone around her until she came home from preschool one day and announced she was going to be shy. At 9 she picked up the guitar and not knowing any chords, wrote her first song, “The Hungry” by plucking the three highest strings repetitively. When her parents grew tired of hearing only one song, she was placed into guitar lessons when she was 10 and played on and off for several years. She got into choir beginning in the eighth grade and continued all through high school as well as being involved in a couple summers of musical theatre at the Everett Theatre and a few months with the Seattle Girls Choir. When she was 16 Katy sang back up in a crazy hippie psychedelic band lead by Lee Howard, they did one show at the Everett Auditorium and then unofficially broke up.

Katy found Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle at 14 when she read that her heart throb Brendan Fraser, went there for theatre. “Wow, a school for the arts!” She thought. “You mean I can get a degree in music and not take any math classes?” Little did she realize at the time how much math there actually is in music. But despite theory she did indeed graduate from Cornish in December of 2003 earning her Bachelors of Music degree or BOM in jazz performance. 

Before graduation, Katy began a music club at First Place School and attended Dalcrose workshops as an intern. Immediately following graduation she began an early childhood music class, Pee Wee Music, at Kirkland Community Center and landed a position of Visitor Service Coordinator/Musical Storyteller at Soundbridge, Seattle Symphony. A couple years later she started additional classes with the Seattle Parks Department and took over the lead teacher position at Soundbridge teaching Musik Garten and Kindermusik classes. In 2007 she left Soundbridge to start Musikal Magik and during that time expanded the curriculum adding Spanish Music with ASL and Baby Sign classes with Betsy Dischel. Currently Katy teaches early childhood music classes with Seattle Parks, Music Together with Kristina Lee Music, at several preschools all over the Seattle area, and travels to people's homes to teach private lessons and entertain at children's birthdays. Katy is also currently in the process of earning her Music Therapy Certification through St. Mary of the Woods College.

Alice Finch, LEGO

Alice, a former middle-school teacher and AFOL:  Adult Fan of LEGO.  Her Hogwarts 'build' was featured at BrickCon 2012 and won Best in Show and the People's Choice Award.  Her sculpture of Hogwarts Castle, inspired b the 'Harry Potter' books by J.K. Rowling, is built entirely, out of LEGO.  About 400,000 pieces, to be precise.   

Alice was featured in the LEGO Brickumentary and continues to inspire others through her books, exhibits, and workshops.    

More bios to come!

Yuan, Mandarin