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JUNE // Summer Camp Lineup

JUNE /// Summer Camp Lineup

Small camp sizes.  Experienced instructors.  Amazing programming.

Full Day Options.  Before, In-Between, and After Camp Child Care Available!

Week of June 19-23

Cirque de Amusement (Circus of Fun) Camp // 3.5-5 Year Olds // 9:00-12:00

No need to run away and join the circus this summer for adventure.  Young campers will 'clown' around, dress up, enjoy face painting, perform balancing acts & acrobatics...and play lots of carnival games.  

Instructor:  Sally Rodich, Yoga4Kids

Enroll by 3/31:  $250

Enroll 4/1 and later:  $275

Enroll by 3/31 Sibling Seats:  $210

Enroll by  4/1 and later:  $235

Camp Minimum 8 / Camp Maximum 15

Register:  HERE   // ROMP MEMBERS SAVE $10!

Week of June 26-30

Code Camp Jr:  Animations + Robots // 5-7 YO // 9:00-12:00

Is your child curious about robots? Loves animation?  TechVenture’s Code Camp Jr. provides young children with a fun introduction to technology. Using Scratch Jr, children learn to program their own interactive stories on a tablet computer. Taking it a step further, children partner together to work with Wonder’s Robots, programming their bots to put on a dance party, navigate paths and more. In the process, they learn to solve problems, design projects, and express themselves creatively. Girls and boys love the thrill of coding and controlling their environment. Don’t worry, kids don’t spend the whole time plugged in. Engaging unplugged activities get kid’s bodies moving too.

Instructor:  TechVenture Kids

Click  HERE for pricing, more info, and to register.    // MEMBERS SAVE $10!

Week of June 26-29

Savoring Summer Chefs in Training Camp // 9-13 YO // 9:30-12:30

Let your budding chef celebrate summer flavor! Our healthy summer cooking camp at ROMP will focus on the fresh flavors of summer.  Your kids will be making healthy breakfasts and snacks, lunches, dinners, desserts and drinks--and did someone say homemade ice cream party?! 

We'll be grilling summer fruits, making our own flavored low-sugar soda waters,homemade crackers and spreads, veggie spring rolls, and SO much more! Our recipes will capture all that the summer bounty brings, like fruits, herbs, and veggies and utilize organic foods whenever possible.

Your child will be able to sample everything we make in class and go home with a recipe packet at the end of each day.  Some recipes we will make together as a class and some recipes will be made individually.  We will make 3-5 recipes each day. Looking forward to meeting your chef at the table!

Instructor:  Erika Speirs, NourishME

Click HERE for pricing, more info, and to register.  // ROMP MEMBERS SAVE $10!

For AFTERNOON classes the week of June 26, please check them out HERE.  

JUNE 30 (Single Day Camp)

Ultimate Lightsaber Workshop  // 4.5-9 YO // 9:30-12:30

Star Wars fan?  Tinkering titan?  Maker maniac?  Students will gather with romp's Design & Tech Specialists to discover the magic of electric circuits, how regular household materials can be repurposed to create something amazing, and how a little creative thinking can build a world of imagination.  Students will use saws + soldering irons, as well as have an art component in the build.  

Instructor:  romp, Design & Tech Specialists

Enroll by 3/31:  $85 + $25 materials fee

Enroll by 4/1 or later:  $95 + $25 materials fee

Enroll by 3/31 Sibling Seat:  $75 + $25 materials fee

Enroll by 4/1 or later (Sibling Seat):  $85 + $25 materials fee

Camp Minimum 6 / Maximum 12, $50 romp camp registration fee

Register HERE  //  ROMP MEMBERS SAVE $10!

Note:  This is a SINGLE day camp, June 30 ONLY.  Combine with Savoring Summer (M-Th) to get full week coverage.